Your Children are alone



Role Playing Game


The Sprawl


#5 Saturday 7pm-11pm

Game Description

You remember the streets, hunting to survive, instinct desire and urges. Then came the confusion of the long black, the loss of feeling, only thought and instinct, giving way to knowledge. So much knowledge it made your head burn. You were aware of yourself a mere cat caught in a strange experiment along with others. You remember the pain of the operations the deaths of others like you who couldnt cut it. The fleeting moments of companionship with the others like you, the return of your base instinct to breed to make more of your kind. But you knew your children had to have a better life than this cell so you banded with the others to escape despite the deaths of your kin and find a colony in the neon world outside you barely remember. But now after scant time of freedom your former masters have returned while you were off with the pack. They are hunting after your brood, will you be able to save them?

This is a modified version of The Sprawl cyber punk setting made by the Apocalypse where you will be playing badass cyber-cats cause cyber-cats.

Game Master



Andrew "Canadian King" Carleton


Jocelyn G.


Steph Mayes


Denise Weller


Sean D