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#3 Saturday 9am-1pm

Game Description

The zombies have risen and the end of time is upon. Armageddon, Ragnarok, Apocalypse, The Rapture...whatever you call it is here but there is hope. Ancient history tells of this happening before but little is known about how it was stopped. First the survivors have to make it to the experimental facility where it is rumored scientists have been working on developing a stable wormhole to travel to the past to locate the Necronomicon, a grimoire written in human blood bond in flesh. This could be the key to end the plague of the dead. But you can not just take the book and leave, you must first cure the world there before bringing it back...to the future where you need to do it again.

Zombicide is a miniature survival game that will require a little roleplay and a lot of team work. Modules played will include...

Zombicide: Season 1
Zombicide: Season 2 Prison Break
Zombicide: Toxic City Mall
Zombicide: Angry Neighbors
Zombicide: Black Plague
Zombicide: Wolfzburg

Would like to watch a game and see what it's like? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYkujriRzJY or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xt-A6TwttJw

Want to take a look at the possible characters that are available? Following is a list with a link to character sheets so can see their skills. For a definition of the skills check out this link. https://zombicide-2dc3.kxcdn.com/dl/Z-Skill-List-S2.pdf If you want to reserve a character to play or have any questions e-mail me at groovy_cthulhu@hotmail.com.

Characters Available For Round 1 and 3:

ADAM: https://zombicide.com/en/pg/adam/

“If you had the choice, would you get back to your previous life?”

Most people feel unease when meeting Adam for the first time. Such a cheerful pal has to be crazy! Adam sets things right in a matter of minutes. He chose to enjoy his newfound life in the zombie apocalypse and gladly shares his positive vibes with anyone around. Except zombies, of course, who feels how proficient this happy warrior is with any weapon, especially melee ones.

GOTH AMY: https://zombicide.com/en/pg/amy/

“I shouldn’t have to explain why we need to loot the makeup store.”

Amy was a goth girl who hated everything; from mindless consumerism to the pointlessness of daily existence. The world Amy despised so much has crumbled, and from the rubble comes the promise of a fresh start and simpler times. Desperate zombie battles have sparked a will to live in Amy and finally given her something to care about; but she still doesn’t feel comfortable without some white foundation on.

PARKOUR BELLE: https://zombicide.com/en/pg/belle/

“The city is like a forest. The ground isn’t the only way to travel.”

Daughter of a former drill instructor, Belle grew up in the street and expressed herself through parkour, running through the city like an obstacle course. For her, the city is no different than any wild landscape and has its own natural laws. Prey never looks up to see the predators on rooftops! Things have changed, however, with the crowds turned into idiot monsters. The herd has to be culled.

DEREK THE LOCATOR: https://zombicide.com/en/pg/derek/

“I’ve seen him coming from afar, and he didn’t see anything coming.”

Derek was travelling the far north to establish claims and find anything that someone could want in those cold countries. With eagle eyes and nerves of steel, Derek didn’t wait for the zombies to be a survivor.
Zombies only changed one thing in his life. When civilization collapsed, Derek chose to head for the south and an easier life. He walked one or two thousand kilometers without difficulties. Nothing is difficult when you know you to survive a blizzard!

DOUG THE OFFICE GUY: https://zombicide.com/en/pg/doug/

“On the plus side, no more TPS reports.”

Four-hour commutes, 12-hour days, uncooperative colleagues, and unappreciative bosses are a thing of the past for Doug. Sure, dealing with zombies is a little stressful, but quite frankly, he still finds them a pleasant change from his previous daily grind. He feels sure that an Uzi in each hand would have greatly simplified staff meetings. They certainly help in dealing with troublesome ex-colleagues and ex-bosses, most of whom Doug is pretty sure are zombies.

ELSA THE CAT-BURGLAR: https://zombicide.com/en/pg/elsa/

“Next time, they might as well lock the door with gift wrap. It won’t be more secure, only prettier.”

Born a beautiful girl in a poor family, Elsa learned that agility, attractiveness, and subtlety could open all the doors to wealth. Stealing precious goods was her daily adrenalin fix, especially if it involved acrobatics and a real security challenge.
Elsa was running from the cops on the roofs when the zombies came and changed her life. Gold is useless now, but locked doors still shelter precious goods. Smiling and playful amidst the chaos, this kitten enjoys the apocalypse. All social barriers are down, only skill matters. And how skillful Elsa is!

GRINDLOCK THE HEADBANGER: https://zombicide.com/en/pg/grindlock/

“This Abomination poseur can’t even roar properly. My turn”

Heavy metal isn’t a musical style, it’s a way of life, and it’s the path Grindlock chose. Sure, this mountain of a man didn’t exactly fit the mold, but he didn’t care. Work had to be done, music had to be loud, and everything else was superficial.

Grindlock didn’t flinch when the first zombies came for him. He moshed them like mere moths, grabbed a chainsaw, and went out to face doomsday with a smirk. Now he’s waiting for an opponent tough enough to make him say life has turned really metal.

JEFF: https://zombicide.com/en/pg/jeff/

“We all brought our own solutions to the zombie issue. Tell me about yours!”

A logical mind and skilled marksman, Jeff is used to bring his unique point of view on any situation arising in the zombie world. More often than not, he’s advocating about the use of teamwork and precise strikes to reach the intended goals. And then come the times when he goes silent and single-handedly kills scores of zombies, one headshot at a time.

JOSH THE THUG: https://zombicide.com/en/pg/josh/

“I don’t want your money. What am I supposed to do with it?”

Josh grew up poor in a tough neighborhood and turned to simple street crime just to get by. It was all he could do to survive day to day before the zombies. Now there’s no more law, and no one can tell him what to do. Josh has found his street smarts in high demand by other survivors. Respect, he finds, is worth more than all the money in the world.

JOSHUA THE PROTECTOR: https://zombicide.com/en/pg/joshua/

“No one dies on my watch!”

Joshua had long studied how to survive a zombie invasion. Books, movies, and videogames taught a lot of crap but also contained lessons for a sharp mind. When the apocalypse finally came, Joshua packed his stuff and vowed to save as many people as possible, as long as they listened to him and didn’t attempt anything foolish. Now he has found a team and is willing to do anything to keep it together. Joshua is always here to save the day!

JULIEN: https://zombicide.com/en/pg/julien/

“Stay focused, plan ahead, and pull the trigger!”

Asking about the past is considered impolite these days, but people can hear in Julien’s accent he comes from a foreign country, most probably Europe. Julien is really at ease with urban warfare. He defined a battle style balanced between fury and cold-bloodedness, and proves an invaluable asset with any kind of shotgun.

KIM, POKERFACE: https://zombicide.com/en/pg/kim/

“Place your bets; time for a dead man’s hand. Read ‘em and weep!”

Fast-handed, thrill-seeking, and witty, Kim worked for a crime boss in an underground casino for years. Her incredible luck was like a signature. She earned her gang more money in a single evening than most people did in ten years. She already led a very dangerous life before the zombies came, and for her, the apocalypse is just a new hand of cards. All clues of her criminal past have been washed away in blood. Survival is the greatest game of all, and Kim already knows she’ll win. Luck is on her side!

CRAZY NED: https://zombicide.com/en/pg/ned/

“Just add a bit of bleach and BANG! Heh heh heh…”

Ned knew it. He KNEW this would happen. THIS is THEIR fault. He SAID so, over and over, but NOBODY ever listened. Boy are they SORRY now. Ned was preparing for years: collecting food and weapons, building a bunker, all to survive THIS. Unfortunately for Ned, he’s lost his bunker key. Until he finds it, he’s going to need every survival skill he’s got. And he’ll probably need other people, too. Crap.

NEEMA THE EXECUTIVE: https://zombicide.com/en/pg/neema/

“Hold on. A quick calculation shows the probabilities are against us by 16.6%… Just kidding. Go in full auto.”

Neema already had a survivor’s iron will before the apocalypse. By relentless work and determination, she shattered the glass ceiling and climbed the corporate food chain straight to the top. Her ambition was only paralleled by her intelligence. Being an executive was just the first step on her irresistible ascension. The zombies ruined her life’s work and triggered something in Neema, something feral. Neema is still a born leader, but now she has a fire burning in her chest. She’s an alpha female leading her pack with wise words and a rightful fury. Don’t anger the lioness, because her heart knows no fear.

PHIL THE COP: https://zombicide.com/en/pg/phil/

“I’ll cover you. Just stay out of my line of fire! Go, go, go!”

Phil is a policeman through and through, even though there isn’t a police force any more. He still wears his uniform, keeps his sidearm secured, and sees it as his duty to protect civilians; at least, those that are still human. Being a cop keeps him sane, if a bit of a stick in the mud.

RAOUL THE CONTRACTOR: https://zombicide.com/en/pg/raoul/

“Suck it up maggots! Time to get out there and vaccinate these meat bags!”

A former military medic, Raoul had been plying his trade with the local ambulance company, a burned out paramedic team leader. He thought he had seen it all. Then his colleagues and friends started answering emergency calls at the start of the outbreak and getting munched on by zombies. Now, Raoul is looking to apply some band aids and get some pay back, and he’s all outta band aids. He’s kitted out, ready to hit the streets, and is packing all the medication that any meat-bag who gets in the way is going to need.

SHANNON THE SOLDIER: https://zombicide.com/en/pg/shannon/

“We all fight for what we lack. What is your war?”

Of Irish descent, Shannon is a woman of action. Gang wars, police, militia, the army, she had it all but never found a fight that could engage her body and soul. Back in civilian life after another accident with her last partner, Shannon was looking for a bouncer job when zombies came and gave her life real meaning. Shannon now has many causes to fight for: survival, protecting untrained people, and exterminating zombies with extreme prejudice. Surrounded by blood and death, she feels right at home and more alive than ever.

TIFF: https://zombicide.com/en/pg/tiff/

“Let’s turn the zombies into scream queens!”

Enthusiastic and ready to go to any length to protect her teammates, Tiff embodies the rock n’roll spirit among survivors. She’s especially fond of pre-apocalypse items linked to lifestyle and music and likes to see herself as some kind of treasure hunter. Her most prized weapon, however, is her trusty sub MG!

WANDA THE WAITRESS: https://zombicide.com/en/pg/wanda/

“Hands off, pal, or I chop them off!”

Wanda served burgers and beer at the local retro drive-in. The zombie apocalypse hasn’t changed her routine much; she still spends her days dodging grabby hands, scooting around on roller skates, and firmly rejecting inappropriate advances, all for some second-rate food and a few lousy tips. The new chainsaw is a nice perk, though.

WATTS THE FAMILY MAN: https://zombicide.com/en/pg/watts/

“Don’t you dare tell me what to do. I’m not a sheep anymore. Look what following orders led us to!”

After a tumultuous youth, Watts decided to lead a normal life with a casual job, a wife, two kids, and a Jack Russell. It almost worked. After ten years, his company relocated and fired him to cut costs. The family man was spiraling down to become a zombie when the real zombies appeared and saved his life by waking him up. Watts sat his family on a bus, uncovered his old baseball bat and rediscovered his old habits. Punk’s not dead. It never really dies.

Characters Available For Round 2:

ANN: https://zombicide.com/en/pg/ann/

“Zombies? Bah! They’re no match for a true predator.”

Years ago, young Ann was the sole survivor of her slaughtered village, the victims of a neighboring lord’s depredations. She escaped into the wilderness where, starving and freezing, she was found by a barbarian hunting party. They couldn’t bring young Ann with them, but they took her to a nearby convent where she grew up, and learned her array of survivalist skills from the convent library and extended treks into the wilds. Over time, Ann become wise to the ways of the hinterlands, and now, with the zombie threat on the rise, she returns to civilized lands to hunt this new, formidable prey.

ARIANE: https://zombicide.com/en/pg/ariane/

“So, where is the law now?”

An orphan of the streets, Ariane grew up tough and agile, always one step ahead of the constables. She joined the Guilds of course, often working for more than one. The one job she took towards the end was the one she wished she could take back. She’d been hired to thieve the keys to the city, meaning the actual master keys held by the mayor alone. Her client, alas, proved to be a necromancer. She escaped his death trap, however, survived the invasion, and now offers her help to anyone willing to stand up to the menace. No one knows about her dirty little secret. … As yet.

BALDRIC: https://zombicide.com/en/pg/baldric/

“Knowledge is power. Magic is simply a tool.”

Baldric was a brilliant adventurer. Mighty, mysterious, and powerful, his magical might became legendary. Yet he always valued his research skills over his magical prowess. Knowing what spell to use against the right kind of opponent gave him the edge that let him live to a ripe old age. His magic academy continued to preach this doctrine, despite heavy criticism from his magical peers that wanted arcane knowledge to remain ‘occult’ and hidden. All that changed with the horde’s invasion. Now he travels where needed, teach anyone that wants to learn, and blasting any zombie that dares show its face.

CLOVIS: https://zombicide.com/en/pg/clovis/

“The end of the world? The end of yours, not mine!”

Clovis’ love of the law led him to become a paladin long ago. As years passed, he learned the hard way that the law is rarely black & white. Shades of grey colored his perceptions, especially in the many deeds done to keep his lord’s hands clean. Now civilization is crumbling, and the lords can do naught but cower. Clovis has at last realized that justice and glory are more than a shiny shield and serving the nobility. Real honor is gained through deeds, not by lordly fiat.

KARL: https://zombicide.com/en/pg/karl/

“You could learn this, you know. It’s not just ‘all in the wrist’.”

Karl’s time as a war engineer hardened him into a veteran of many battles. He often worked closely with the King’s siege wizards, enough to learn that their mysticism and rituals disguised an underlying theorems and arcane laws. Magic is a science! His unorthodox viewpoint, and considerable success, nearly saw him imprisoned. But then the invasion occurred, and the city needed anyone and everyone that could conjure fire from mana as the zombies flooded the streets. Now he believes the only chance humanity has of surviving the Dark Times is to spread his doctrine.

MORRIGAN https://zombicide.com/en/pg/morrigan/

“Dirty fighting, you say? Let me show you about life and death.”

As a bodyguard to the dark elf ambassador to Wolfsburg, Morrigan knew all about paranoia. Her people are regarded with suspicion at the best of times, and the threat of assassination haunted her every step. Alas, the ambassador chose to stand and fight the zombie horde. Morrigan alone survived. Now, far from home, and suffering from the loss of honor that died with the ambassador, Morrigan begins her new life, where her fellow survivors have learned to see past their prejudices and appreciate the advice and sword arm this skilled veteran offers.

NELLY: https://zombicide.com/en/pg/nelly/

“Life and risk, my friend: they go hand in hand.”

Never quite able to get ahead, Nelly found herself stuck in the life of a tavern wench from an early age. She avoided the usual traps such young women often fell victim to, such as becoming a mistress for some petty noble, or working in some brothel. Ever a dreamer, bright-eyed Nelly craved something more, but didn’t really know what, or how to get it. Until the zombies appeared. Turns out bashing grabby patrons in the head with full tankards isn’t too much different than bashing grabby zombies with a club. A natural with just about any weapon, Nelly has found her purpose in life: Zombicide!

SAMSON: https://zombicide.com/en/pg/samson/

“Step back, lads. This be a Dwarf’s job.”

Samson finds human notions of dwarven craftsmanship infinitely amusing. It’s the same metal, the same techniques, the same designs (mostly), but put a few dwarven runes on a sword or hammer, and humans will act like it’s made of magic! They swing faster, hit harder, and even hold the line longer. Samson earned quite a bit of coin selling his ‘dwarven’ weapons, though he never deceived anyone about their qualities. He was just a highly competent smith who happened to be a dwarf. But now, with the zombie apocalypse in full swing, he’s happy to ‘improve’ any weapon he can find with ‘that dwarven touch’.

SILAS: https://zombicide.com/en/pg/silas/

“Zombies are an insult to life and beauty. I’m here to set things right.”

Elves lead very long lives… unless they get slaughtered by zombies. This is something Silas has tried to hammer into his elven lords’ collective head. Silas urged action. Swift action! But, elves measure their lives in centuries, not decades. The debate about what constitutes a proper response could take several more years. That’s not good enough for Silas. He’s decided that he’ll take the fight to the horde personally, do some good in the world, and maybe even save a few lives in the process. Only by uniting all the races can the free peoples hope to stem the undead tide.

THEO: https://zombicide.com/en/pg/theo/

“I’m here for the people. Cities are a blight.”

Theo lived as a ranger, surviving in the wilds by with and skill, usually far from any city. Thus, his first clue that anything was amiss were the zombie wulfz, who sought prey simply to kill, not solely to feed. He’d never seen this kind of infection, and it reeked of torment and dark magic. Something wicked had happened in Wulfsburg, and he soon came to learn the truth. Now he’s on a new quest: to find a cure for the zombie plague, and prevent the blight from spreading too far into his beloved forests.

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