The Crack'd and Crook'd Manse



Role Playing Game


Call of Cthulhu


#2 Saturday 12am-4am

Game Description

The Fitzgerald Manse - 60 Years Ago
Johnny came marching home, hurrah, marching home from the war. He'd been out there protecting the family honor. His brother Billy didn't come marching home though, Confederate grapeshot hit him in the guts at Bull Run and that was the end of him. Not that Johnny got off scot-free, he copped a bullet in the head at Appomattox: didn't bring him down but sure messed him up. Most folks reckon that's why he came home, cleaned his rifle, shot his family and himself. Hurrah.

The Fitzgerald Manse - 30 Years Ago
It crouched in the dark, comforted by the nearness of that which it cradled in its arms. Murmuring happily, it traced a finger along the blade still slick. Made sightless by the dark it listened, head turned like an animal. No sounds. They had gone at last. It chuckled. It did not think they would find it, not in here.
It could still remember the gasps when they discovered its handiwork in the kitchen... and the dining room... and the bedroom... on the walls, and over the furniture, and on the ceiling... it chuckled again. Serves them right, trying to trick it with that woman, and those children. How they squealed.
Time to go. It stood up, stretched, listened again. Nothing. It felt for the panel, searching for the crack. It should be here. Just here. Where was the gap? The false wall should be here... gone! They'd taken it away! It was trapped with no food, no water, no light, no no no no. It swung the weapon and splinters flew. Trapped, no no no no, it wildly swung with the ax again, the slick handle flew off into the darkness. No no no no. Must get out, must dig out. It howled as it scrabbled at the walls.

The Fitzgerald Manse - One Month Ago
The man flung the bedroom door open and rushed in, his dressing gown flapping crazily, his slippers slapping on the wooden floors. Hurriedly he knelt down and emptied his pockets, the shotgun cartridges tumbling out onto the hearth. Quickly he started scooping them out. The solution was finally in his grasp. For the first time in months, he was truly happy; soon he would be free. He whistled as he worked at emptying the shells, sitting on the bricks of the cold fireplace. He was so engrossed he did not hear the soft gurgling behind him until it was too late.

This adventure is suitable for first time players, characters will be supplied. If you would like to bring your own dice the system uses percentile dice.

Game Master

Denise Weller


James Reid


Jocelyn G.


Sean Howard


Steph Mayes


Chris C.


Max K