Hound Raiders



Role Playing Game


Combination of D6 Action/Fantasy


#7 Sunday 9am-1pm

Game Description

Being part of the Hound Raiders, or is it Riders?, Guild isn't all fun and games. Well it's mostly fun and games, but everyone still has to work hard. If not, where is the money for the festivities going to come from? As members you must select and complete jobs from the community board in order to keep the guild profitable. Just don't forget to have a good time while doing it.

The world in which the Hound Raiders/Riders Guild inhabits, is a combination of the early gun powder era and D&D. There is a flavor of Fairy Tail but this is not a game based on the show. D6 is a simple system to learn and play. All you need is six sided dice, of two different colours. The rules will be explained before game play and character sheets are provided.

Game Master

Steph Mayes


Alec Natural tough but has abluophobia. Fills the tank role


James Extremely charming but cursed with bad luck. Fills the ranger role


Duncan Jack of all trades with a superiority complex. Fills the barbarian role


Jocelyn G. Extremely stealthy but has Bibliophobia Role is self explanatory


Trevor Plug Famous despite the lack of a hand. Role is self explanatory


John Patterson Likes to be helpful but sometimes takes it too far. Fills the healer role