Borderlands: Rescue Operation



Role Playing Game




#4 Saturday 2pm-6pm

Game Description

Dungeon Moogle? Get it? DM. Hah. I’m so clever kupo.

Why yes; I do copy and paste that line into the beginning of all of my posts – as well as this line explaining it.

Alright listen up! Who wants to be Big Damn Heroes!? Who wants to be Badasses!? Who wants to be VAULT HUNTERS!?

Well not you guys, because that would be bizarre and outlandish.

You are but simple mercenaries, on a noble quest!

Well, it’s for money. But hey, you’ve done much worse things for money so it’s nice to do something good for money every once and a while.

A wealthy businessman’s daughter has stowed away on a transport ship bound for the planet of Pandora. He is paying out a sizeable sum to anyone who will bring her home before she goes and gets herself killed on that apparent hellhole of a planet.

You’ve never been there before. You assume the things you’ve heard are over exaggerations.

Enough expository banter; let us meet our heroes!

Former Lieutenant Bartley as The Unreasonably Handsome Mercenary who can’t let go of his military title!
Phrike as The Obligatory Siren!
ISD (Interplanetary Shock Droid) Mark II as The not so ruthless killing machine!
Thunderstruck!! as The electrically empowered close range specialist who is probably going to end up less effective in melee than the Siren because of weird gameplay balance!

And if we do end up filling up to 6 players; we’re going to have to bring in THE DLC CHARACTERS!

Ms. Sherwood as The Professional Saleswoman from Torgue – oh heavens no.
“Dr. Bloodgush” as The Man Who Lost His Medical License for Good Reasons.


You’ll be selecting your characters when we start the game; if more than one person wants to play the same character then I’ll just have the two of you FIGHT TO THE DEATH. That or roll dice, whichever is more socially acceptable.

Also; this takes place in the setting of the Borderlands game series; in case in wasn’t brutally obvious.

Game Master

Dungeon Moogle