Shrouded by Snow



Role Playing Game


Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition


#2 Saturday 12am-4am

Game Description

Dungeon Moogle? Get it? DM. Hah. I’m so clever kupo.

Why yes; I do copy and paste that line into the beginning of all of my posts – as well as this line explaining it.

Okay, so here’s me running a D&D game as I do every Gryphcon. :D

LET'S START OFF GRYPHCON RIGHT WITH SOME DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS. Well, it's starting it off for me at least because I probably won't be able to get there for slot 1 with my schedule. BUT FOR YOU GUYS IT'S CLOSE TO STARTING IT OFF WITH SOME DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS.

You are members of a military clan devoted to nobility! While your clan is dependent on the contractually generated income; the clan still only takes on contracts which they consider to be honourable.

A few days ago an emissary from a secluded nation came to your clan to request aid. They say that a monster plagues the plains of their countryside – shrouded by the snow – terrorizing villages and slaughtering caravans. Nobody seems to know how to deal with the monster, or even the slightest idea of where it rests when it is not killing.

The clanmaster has been hesitant to send a team – the area is inaccessible by the clan’s teleportation magicks and the entire request just smells suspicious – the clanmaster decided to extend an olive branch to this emissary however; and asked that your group travel there by sea and provide whatever aid you can.

You prepare yourselves for the harrowing conditions of these lands to which you shall travel; if the wildlife doesn’t kill you, the cold just might.

Hopefully you can easily track and slay this monster.

Given this is a mini-story designed to fill a 4 hour session – probably not.


Player characters will be level 7. Feel free to make your own. I’ll have pre-generated characters available as well.

Game Master

Dungeon Moogle


Andrew "Canadian King" Carleton






Marly A