Heirs to the Empire



Role Playing Game


Nordic Style


Saturday 7pm - 11pm (#5) Saturday 7pm - 11pm

Game Description

Our colony ships arrived in the Spire in the late twenty second century as humanity slowly expanded from the Earth into the stars. Sleeping cryo ships awoke to find a set of systems connected by mass relays that that allowed faster than light travel, allowing settlers to quickly expand and grow their own individual colonies.
None among us could agree on the proper methods of colonization and the newly arrived humans fractured into several societies, each claiming their own world to govern and exploit as they saw fit. These colonies grew and traded, independent states united by the mass driver relays connecting them.
But not all were happy with this arrangement.

In 2215 General Arkona won the election Freyeon Prime in a landslide victory, turning the relatively peaceful world into a dictatorship overnight. Declaring himself Emperor by acclaim, Arkona removed the electoral system and made plans to bring Freyeon Prime back from long diminished dominance within the Spire. The Emperor moved quickly, turning the Freyeon military on the other systems in the Spire in a large scale military campaign with a single aim: Conquest.
One by one the free planets of the Spire fell to the power of the Imperial fleets. Within five years, all but the smallest worlds in the Spire had surrendered or been conquered by the newly born Freyeon Hegemony. The remaining fringe worlds, needing the colonies to survive surrendered to the Hegemony in a ceremony now called Unification Eve.
But now, Thirty years after Unification, things are about to change. Rumors are spreading throughout the Spire that that Emperor Arkona is dying, facing an incurable disease that threatens to end the Hegemony that has dominated the Spire. His Heirs posture against one another, attempting to determine who might take up the mantle once the Emperor passes while others whisper in the shadows about the Spire’s freedom.
In an attempt to calm the nerves of growingly unstable Spire, representatives of the trading coalition called the Consortium have called a meeting of the Noble houses and representatives of other major organizations in an attempt to negotiate a peaceful transition of power.
Everyone who comes to the meeting has their own agenda and few can agree on what should happen to the empire now that it stands on a knife’s edge. Will they decide to name a new emperor? Or will the Spire face civil war?


Heirs to the Empire is a live action role playing game that takes place on an orbital space station above the planet Freyeon Prime where various groups of leaders are meeting to discuss the future of the spire and the growing possibility of chaos and civil war. Each of the players takes on the role of one of character with their own goals and aspirations.
We will be utilizing a simple combat resolution system which will be explained at the game and resource cards which will represent the resources available to your faction.
The larp will have elements of social politics, resource management, and puzzles. Additionally there will be adult themes so we do not recommend the game for players under the age of 18.

Roles will be decided by first come first serve from a list published below, please e-mail alex.loveridge@gmail.com with your top three selections.

Roles that are taken have been italicized.

The Hegemony
The Hegemony is the ultimate power in the Spire, its forces representing the law and order brought by the Emperor in the wake of Unification. Few citizens of the spire are unfamiliar with the battleships of the Legion or the officers dispatched to maintain order on worlds throughout the spire. Posters recruiting new members are splattered across countless walls advertising the benefits of joining the forces of the Hegemony to bring governance and protection to the Spire.
But the forces of the Hegemony are not just regulators, but also repressors. The worlds of the spire pay for those ships and troops and the free news reals comment on the excesses enjoyed by the Freyeon overlords.
The colonial narrative hasn’t sat well with all. There are signs among the members of the Hegemony of dissatisfaction with the means of rulership through passive and active means. Some have circumvented the efforts of General Arkona and positioned themselves as the reasonable alternative. For others this has not been enough, Terrorists (or Resistance fighters, depending on the media of the world you receive streams) have made attacks against Hegemony members Attacks that only could have been orchestrated with Hegemonic knowledge.
Evidence points to a traitor or sympathizer.
Regardless, with the rumours of the death of their Emperor, their dominance now stands in question.

Son of the Emperor | Hegemony - Taken
Daughter of the Emperor | Hegemony- Taken
Captain of the Guard | Hegemony - Taken
General of the Emperor | Hegemony - Taken
Empress Hegemony | Hegemony - Taken
Head of Propaganda | Hegemony

The Noble Houses
Arkona divided the Spire’s worlds between the nobles of Freyeon and those who had joined the Hegemony willingly, creating the first Noble Houses of the spire. The great Noble houses have been active ever since, ruling their individual worlds as they saw fit, only owing tribute to the Hegemony in the form of taxes and resources required to expand and grow the imperial forces. Some are benevolent rulers, who bowed before the Empire to save their worlds from its warships, while others are Freyeon imports who forced worlds to bow before them at the tip of a sword.
Vapid? To some they appear that way. Yet undeniably the Noble Houses act as a centralized source of information and entertainment. Members of the Spire follow their daily lives and dramas with fevere and celebrity worship. Privately, many Nobles admit this has become tiresome and more recently, dangerous, as they have often become targets for Terrorists (or Resistance fighters, depending on the media of the world you receive streams) resulting in at least one tragic loss of Noble life. In light of this, the Nobles seek to prove their expensive educations and access to cutting edge bio-tech augments have not given them the disadvantage in this fight.
Despite all that’s transpired the Nobles are united but not allied. They are still struggling against one another, vying for their own power and their worlds place within the Spire. Despite the end of open fighting, the houses continue to wage a war of influence and control in the shadows, each hoping one day to supplant their rivals and perhaps even ascend to the Hegemonic throne.

Noble House Leader - Azure | Noble Houses - Taken
Noble House Leader - Khufu | Noble Houses - Taken
Noble House Leader - Henshaw | Noble Houses - Taken
Noble House Leader - Deltiri | Noble Houses

The Consortium
During the early days of the spire, several business conglomerates created the core of the organizations that would eventually grow into the Consortium. The Consortium of today consists of about twenty larger companies, all owning installations and factories throughout the Spire.
The Consortium has flourished under the Hegemony, the stability brought by the empire allowing for the accumulation of vast wealth and easy exploitation of the Spire’s various resources. Some have even claimed that the profits for these endeavors were earned in backroom deals with members of the Hegemony. These claims do not go uninvestigated, as The Consortium long ago privatized the judicial system within the Spire.
Cracks have appeared in the Consortium conglomerate. Their stranglehold on the economy seems absolute but recently, technological disruption has been plaguing them. The desperate existence of the Union has bred multiple inventions which have made ventures unprofitable. Further, the Consortium have been bogged down in the efforts of the judicial concern as the Hegemony has tasked them with discovering the culprit behind recent Terrorist attacks (or Resistance fighters, depending on the media of the world you receive streams) against both the Hegemony and Noble Houses. The Consortium has had to stretch itself leaner and further than ever in the past.
Aggressive expansion efforts have not earned the Consortium friends among the Unified and many see the tight relationship between the Hegemony as a conflict of interest. As the corporations extend their influence and power, their efforts have escalated conflict across the spire.

Director of Spire Economy | The Consortium - Taken
Bio Engineering CEO | The Consortium - Taken
Jumpgate Scientist | The Consortium - Taken
Justicar | The Consortium - Taken

The Syndicate
Organized crime in the Spire is controlled by a handful of individuals and their respective street gangs referred to as a whole by The Syndicate. The Syndicate has existed since the dawn of the spire under a variety of names, organizations, and leadership, but since unification the organization has grown in strength and power. Now virtually all the movement of illicit goods, piracy, and mercenary operations pay their dues to the syndicate bosses and barely a ship in the spire moves without one of them getting a piece of the action.
The Syndicate shouldn’t exist according to most people, but the order they have brought to the criminal underworld can’t be ignored. Additionally, though none would admit it, many of the colonies of the spire have come to rely on the black market goods provided by the Syndicate and the duty free nature of the services provided outside of the Hegemony’s gaze.
Inviting them to such an event is risky as it acknowledges the power the Syndicate holds in the spire, but with rumours of the Syndicate moving arms and ammunition between colonies it seems that ignoring their effect they might have on the future may be deadly.

Pirate Commander | Syndicate - Taken
Information Broker | Syndicate - Taken
Hacker | Syndicate
Smuggler | Syndicate - Taken
Syndicate Boss | Syndicate - Taken

The Union
Countless small mining colonies and stations are bound to the various core planets, forced to import their water, air, and supplies at the cost of their freedom. These fringe groups have always had power, but over the past thirty years of being exploited by the Consortium, stolen from by the Syndicate and ruled by the Hegemony, many of these independent groups have been growing angry at the state of the Spire. Before Unification, they had started to organize themselves into militias and clans to defend their lifeless corners of space from those who seek to strip the precious resources.
It was only a few years ago, after an Imperial cruiser attacked a small rimworld colony named Henshaw and massacred its inhabitants for firing upon the cruiser, that the Union was born.
The Union of Unaffiliated world's sought to unite the disenfranchised of the Spire as one political force. An election was held and the space station Clovis became the center of the newly founded Union council. Those elected were among the most brilliant, most brave and best of the citizens, formidable people shaped through the hottest forges of the frozen fires of space.
Despite the strong leadership of the Union, they have not reaped success as quickly or easily as they might have expected. Union leaders must balance maintaining the political opinion of their followers with making unpopular but necessary decisions. Resistance fighters (or Terrorist attacks, depending on the media of the world you receive streams) are applauded by leaders publically but there are soundbites of those same members questioning if the ends will justify these harsh means. In addition, the Consortium has been fighting a shadow war with the Union as tension has begun to build between those that currently have power and those that wish for equality in the darkness of space.
No one is surprised that the Union will be invited to this event, their input is key to the future of the Spire. Their concerns must be addressed, the only debate is if they should be answered with diplomatic or military force.

Free League Reporter | The Union - Taken
Leader of Union | The Union
Technocrat | The Union - Taken
Extremist | The Union - Taken
War Hero | The Union - Taken

The Draconites
The Draconites are known for their fearlessness in battle and their dedication to the concept of mind over matter. Described by some as warrior poets, the Draconites are a small faction with significant military and technological might that no other in the Spire posess.
Originally the Draconites were located on a world named Inua on the edge of the spire and they were one of the first to try and bring war on the other factions. After a horrible defeat by an alliance of other worlds, the Draconites home world was lost and they were scattered to the wind.
It took many years for them to return as a faction, ten years ago their small vessels appeared again from the black night of the stars filled with new purpose The Draconites returned with impressive technology and skill that seems unmatched by other factions. Small scale confrontations between their vessels and the Empires proved the Draconites technological superiority and the Spire has been curious ever since.
Where the Draconites have found a new home and technology is still unknown, their members don’t speak to others about it. They instead go about their business in the spire and avoid involving themselves in the politics of the Empire around them.
The Draconites were invited to the event as observers, but some whispers suggest that the Draconites asked to come to discuss several pressing matters. None are sure beyond the leaders of the Hegemony, but reports of the small Draconite vessels numbers have increased and clearly the stability of the Hegemony has moved the enigmatic group to action.

Faction Leader | Draconites - Taken
Faction Associate | Draconites- Taken

Game Master

Andrea McVeigh

Game Master


Game Master



ben cracknell

Jumpgate Scientist

Sandra Sine

Noble House Leader

Paul Scapinello

Consortium Justicar


Consortium: Bio Engineering CEO


Union War Hero



Brian Revell

Draconites - Faction Leader


Noble House Leader


Noble House Leader


Hegemony: Son of the Emperor

Simon T

Union - Free League Reporter


Syndicate Boss


Union - Extremist

Sean Howard

Consortium :Director of Spire Economy


Syndicate Smuggler

Charlie Gollob

Hegemony: Daughter of the Emperor



Mark Kicksee

Syndicate: Information Broker


Hegemony: General of the Emperor


Hegemony: Captain of the Guard


Draconites - Faction Associate

Dan Brunger

Union - Technocrat

Paul Lougheed


Dungeon Moogle

Hegemony: Empress

Sara B

Syndicate: Pirate Commander

Jay B

Waiting List


Waiting List



Roles Posted Tomorrow
posted by Andrea McVeigh on Sun, 19 Feb 2017

If you haven't submitted your role requests--tomorrow they start going out!

posted by Andrea McVeigh on Sun, 26 Feb 2017
Hello Everyone

We've booked Fionn MacCool's for some nibbles after the event.

Here is the address, it's super close to the University:
494 Edinburgh Road South
Guelph ON, N1G 4Z1

They have a late-night menu, you can find it here: http://fionnmaccools.com/assets/Uploads/MenuPDF/PUBS20Late20night20menu20092016-low-ONT.pdf

See you Saturday!