The Other Side of Fear



Role Playing Game


Spycraft 1.0


#3 Saturday 9am-1pm

Game Description

The Other Side of Fear

It is now 2017. President Trump takes the reins of power in the United States of America. Conspiracy theorists watch as the world turns back to brinksmanship and ultimatums of the powerful, but petty.

In Canada, CSIS activates the Project Management Group (PMG) of the 7th Intelligence Company at 33 Canadian Brigade Group headquarters in Ottawa. PMG is responsible for the tasking of JTF2, Canada’s deadly commandoes.

You are the Razor’s Edge, the elite of the elite. Working as the field unit of the PMG, your job is to investigate on the ground and terminate threats to domestic security as secretly and innocuously as possible. And there is a credible threat. A dirty bomb meant to provoke Trump and America into a misstep in the Middle East. A container ship is inbound to the Great Lakes with its dirty cargo ready to blast Duluth, Michigan to pieces.

The investigation begins in Halifax as your team tries to identify both the ship and the crew responsible for the bomb. 129 hours to the bomb's arrival. Will you survive on the Other Side of Fear?

Game Master

Chris Stocovaz

MWO Adam Razor, aka Razor

Jeff The Pointman for the Razor's Edge, Adam Razor is a former JTF2 Commando and Infantryman from 2PPCLI.

CS04D Rachel Williamson, aka Cipher

Jocelyn G. The Oracle for the Razor's Edge, Rachel is seconded from CSE to handle the cyberwarfare angle.

WO Jason Priest, aka Image

James The Negotiator for the Razor's Edge, Jason is a former JTF2 Commando and HumInt handler for the Canadian Armed Forces.

WO Gwillem Chesterton, aka Snake

Sandra Sine The Wheelman for the Razor's Edge, Gwillem is a former JTF2 Commando and tanker from the Lord Strathcona Horse.

WO Yee Bum Sook, aka Area 51

Mark Kicksee The Fixer for the Razor's Edge, Bum Sook is a former JTF2 Commando and quartermaster of HCMS Star (Reserve).

WO Obiajulu Mbembe, aka Killshot

Paul Scapinello The Sniper for the Razor's Edge, Obiajulu is a former JTF2 Sniper and infantryman of the Royale 22e Regiment.