The Imperial Warrant



Role Playing Game




#1 Friday 7pm-11pm

Game Description

The Fifth Frontier War rages in the Spinward Marches. A combination of lackluster leadership on the part of the professional naval corps and infiltration by Zhodani agents has forced the Duke of Regina into a tenuous powerplay to save the sector. An Imperial Warrant from the Emperor will place the sector's forces under the control of the Duke, a move that may have come years too late. Imperial forces hold the line, besieged and battered, hoping that the Imperial Warrant will arrive and catalyze the brotherhood of arms.

Unfortunately, the Imperial Warrant has not arrived. Lost....

It all hinges on you; Imperial citizens, rogues and ne'er-do-wells, will you be able to locate the warrant and arrange its safe arrival before the troops lose faith?

The Imperial Warrant

It all hinges on you....


Chris Stocovaz Dice Master Extraordinaire, if I say so myself...

Lord Iiyama Hideo, Noble

Denise Weller The Marquis d'Efate and Baron Ikage. Plenipotentiary for the Duke of Regina.

Miranda Ferrier, Bodyguard

Jocelyn G. Bodyguard for Lord Iiyama. Former Staff Sergeant with the 4518th Lift Infantry (Duke's Own Huscarles).

Hal Alcanter, Merchant & Engineer

James Reid The owner/operator of the IMS-9299299 "Mad Hatter" Fast Courier; also, Chief Engineer.

Melissa Magdras, Pilot

Steph Mayes The pilot of the IMS-9299299 "Mad Hatter" Fast Courier. Former Fighter Pilot with the Imperial 195th Fleet Battle Squadron.

Vonrrugh Thodzou, Vargr Astrogator

Jeff The astrogator of the IMS-9299299 "Mad Hatter" Fast Courier. Formerly of the Society of Equals and a true Vargr sophont.

Dr. Stanley Onada, Medic

Mark Kicksee The medic of the IMS-9299299 "Mad Hatter" Fast Courier, Stanley is also the Chief Gunner. Former Doctor with the Imperial 195th Fleet Assault Squadron.